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My name is Lauren. I first discovered my love of slings when my daughter Suzie was born in 2011. I soon realised their benefit was never ending, keeping my baby happy and calm, and me free to get on with whatever I needed to. It was transportable and meant I could go anywhere with her. After having my son Henry in 2013 I fell in love with the sling even more so finding it invaluable when you have a newborn and a toddler and a fail safe way to settle him quickly every time!!!

I recently undertook my Babywearing Peer Support training with Becky and Susannah and am really excited to be able to help other mums discover the endless benefits Babywearing has to offer and help them find their perfect sling.



Susannah (Medium)Hi my name is Susannah. I started baby wearing when my little girl was born in 2014, my Husband and I are now full time baby wearers and enjoy the buggy-free lifestyle! I have tried all kinds of carriers, but I am particularly interested in Asian-style carriers.





IMG_3592I started my babywearing journey when my daughter Ivy was 3 months old. It was instant love and now me and my husband wear her everywhere. I am a true believer in the benefits of babywearing for both caregiver and baby and it has become a real passion of mine. I am now a qualified babywearing peer supporter with the hope to spread the babywearing love!






20151008_140606 (Large)Hi, My name is Becky. I started baby wearing with a stretchy wrap when my Son was born in 2015. I love how calm and secure it makes him feel. I have learnt a lot from the other girls and am excited to be joining the team! My favourite slings to use wraps and ring slings.